Day Trip: Møns Klint

I have been in Denmark for exactly 5 months now and will be leaving very soon, but I haven’t really explored the rest of Denmark much outside the city. For a while now I have been talking about going somewhere else in Denmark, and like many other ideas and plans we have… it never really happens.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my experiences here for the last few months, it’s that there are very few things that go exactly as you plan in life… so sometimes, there’s really no point. Because the way I see it, “planning” is really just you trying to think of all the possible scenarios that can go wrong, and trying to come up with a solution to prevent them or fix them in case it does happen. And the possibility of that happening is like… 1/10000. When it comes down to it, you’re just giving yourself time to delay and cite reasons that you shouldn’t go through with it.

Well life is just a huge game of adventure, my friends… those who are afraid that they will draw a bad card or land on the wrong space and be ejected back to Start, will never take that first step!… in which case they’ve just turned the 9999/10000 probability for things to go right into a 100% chance for failure. I heard my pastor preach a sermon the past Sunday about the uncertainties in life: you can’t live life trying to prevent, because whether you do or don’t, THE PROBABILITY WON’T CHANGE! If we lived life afraid of the probabilities of all the things that could go wrong, no one would ever leave their rooms. But I digress…

ANYWAY! So Nicole and I decided to PLAN LESS and DO MORE. We’ve heard about this pretty little place with white cliffs called Mons Klint; it’s on the southern tip of Denmark outside the greater Copenhagen area. While working on our last exam prompt that had just come out that day, we decided to go the next day. So we bought our tickets, and off we went the next day.

The train took us to Vordingborg in an hour, from there we took a bus to a quaint little town called Stege… where we ate deliciously cheap pizza and waited almost 2 hours in an empty bus lot under the scorching sun.

10489833_10152511588806085_6407736264671144719_n 10360412_10154280874820054_3808889007939222577_n

We took another bus that took us through the forest to the Mons Klint Geocenter. Lady at the info desk pointed to the nearest route, we grabbed a map, and started the trek of 1000 staircases. We thought that was the hard part of the hike… but let me tell you. They were not. Once we descended the steps onto the beach, the beach of rocks and pebbles became our worst enemy. Yes, they were pretty, but we were twisting and wobbling… it was definitely a calf/ankle workout.

10325598_10152511587466085_5620392795190609511_n 10414468_10154280875470054_8824063394903184429_n 10500379_10154280876600054_5848763681716526970_n

The chalky white cliffs and the brilliant blue of the ocean and sky reminded me of Greece (not that I’ve ever been there… yet). The sun was shining, and the light salty breeze kept the temperature bearable, the ocean horizon was calm and flat save a few sail boats, the gentle crashing of the waves onto the rocky shore was ever so soothing and serene.

10392328_10152511601416085_8160916711103858326_n  10441140_10152511594661085_5665766054817242036_n

Everything was perfect and it felt like we had no worries or care in the world… except for the time. Must make it back to the Geocenter to catch the 4 o’clock bus! We pick up our pace, struggling and stumbling over the rocks and pebbles until we see the next set of staircases we had to scale back up to the wooded trails. BUT WAIT… we’re at the ocean! How could we leave without at least dipping our feet water?! So of course we immediately peeled off our shoes and socks…

10388080_10154280878670054_2132943880078112626_n 10458217_10152511587316085_7496493543239581007_n

With our legs feeling cool and refreshed, the aching of our feet and ankles also subsided, and we were on the move again. Coming down the stairs was a piece of cake compared to the pain it was to climb back up again. But nonetheless, we did it with valiant grace… only stopping at every bench available on the way…

10433145_10152511588401085_9091248154114978486_n 10352615_10152511803686085_8590430881158489308_n

We made it back to the Geocenter in our own record time AND leeway for a superb thirst-quenching slushie as well. We beat the bus back to the bus stop and sat down to drink our slushies like it was nobody’s business. I have to say… some things in life are best when unplanned. Adventures are always more fun when they’re spontaneous 🙂

10435135_10154280880640054_7431122495068030930_n 10458131_10152511587046085_4635246780635437413_n

Have an adventurous day, my dears… explore life, and do it with spontaneity and an open mind! God bless~


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