Copenhagen Spring

I’M BACK! Sorry for being MIA for the past…… month (oh gosh time flies O_O). Anyway… check out Jakob Wredstrom and download his songs on iTunes! He’s really sweet and talented! Plus, this Sommertid (Summere Time) song is super catchy and perfect for the warming weather 🙂

So Copenhagen has finally been getting some nice sunny days recently (and by recently I mean the month I’ve been dead to this blog)… and let me tell you, these Danes take advantage of every second of sunshine to be outside to soak it up… in shorts and t-shirt, despite the fact that it’s only 8 degrees Celsius outside (NOT shorts and t-shirt weather buddy!). But it’s because they survived months of gloominess and freezing wind of fall/winter.

It’s actually great because I believe it’s taught me how to be appreciative of things I wouldn’t have been thankful for, or even taken notice of back home. Yes, it’s nice that you’re beaming today Mr. Sun, but you do you and I do me yeah? But here people are like “IT’S SUNNY! DROP EVERYTHING AND COME OUTSIDE”! You’re sick? No worries, getting some sun will make you feel better! You need to catch up on sleep? Well have a nap in the sun! You’re just lazy? Well shame on you for wasting a perfectly sunny day, not allowed, you will be physically dragged out of bed if need be!

In all seriousness though, I do think that the reason… well maybe one of the reasons, Denmark is consistently ranked one of the happiest nations is because of their heart of gratitude (of course I know the title isn’t measuring how many people go around with silly grins on their faces all the time). Friends back home ask me how they can be “happy” when it’s so cold and gloomy so much of the year. External conditions often aren’t what makes you happy or unhappy. I think happiness is a state of mind, and it’s in correlation with gratitude and appreciation of what you DO have.

Last month we went to the harbor at Islands Brygge and played beach volleyball… Vitamin D AND exercise. BAM!

photo 2 (1) photo 3 (1) photo 4

Oh and Tivoli opened YAYYY! I’ve been waiting for this since I first got here 3 months ago… it was closed for renovation or something then. But it was totally worth the wait! The inside is bigger than I expected, or at least bigger than it looked from the outside. Ducks were quacking, flowers were blooming, and everything was adorable and lovely. DID YOU KNOW?! TIVOLI backwards is I LOV IT….. *pooooffff* MINDBLOWN!

Less talk, more pictures 🙂

open air ballet performance!

open air ballet performance!

1518115_10154029120120054_8499336761934857530_n 10152414_10154029120325054_4419143808985889928_n 10154282_10154029119755054_9191156563720274012_n

tivoli... i lov it.... whoa....

tivoli… i lov it…. whoa….

My cousin came to visit and we walked around the city… because of him, I finally went to the Little Mermaid. It only took me 3 months of living here to see it… nbd

2014-04-23 15.37.36

ALSO I just got back from Iceland a couple days ago! More about that in the next post… coming soon.

Hope it’s sunny and wonderful today wherever you are, God bless~ 🙂


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