ACTUALLY Travelling!

Tomorrow I will embark on my first journey outside of Denmark!!! Super excited (even though I have yet to start packing…) to be going to London and Dublin for the week!

I will fly to London after class tomorrow afternoon, stay until Saturday, then take a ferry to Dublin for St. Patty’s weekend (oh you KNOW there’re gonna be stories when I get back), and finally a ferry back to London on Tuesday to fly back to the CPH on Wednesday. So be on the lookout for pictures and crazy stories ^______^

ALSO my parents are going to be coming for 2 weeks this summer at the end of my stay. We will be travelling around Europe so I’ve been making a rough plan of where to go so we can buy tickets soon. You guys know this is my first time in Europe, and my parents have never been either. I’m sooo psyched to see incredible sights and making unforgettable memories with them!


Milan –> Rome –> Vienna –> Paris –> London –> Amsterdam –> Berlin –> Copenhagen –>HOME SWEET HOME!

Oh, in other news, I’ve decided to start another blog where there will be more personal/everyday/snippets of my life, etc. [Irene’s Thought Diary] Because I want to keep this more for travel and stuff… you know, now that I’m ACTUALLY travelling. Anyway… if you aren’t already entertained by this blog, feel free to check out the other one haha.

As always, good night and God bless.


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