(Semi-) Weekly Update

It hasn’t been a week since I last updated (aren’t you proud?!) so I thought I would do a little semi-weekly update for you guys… because what else would I be doing on a cold, gloomy, dreary… typical Danish day right?

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FRIDAY: Woke up and thought I should do a little bit of work out because my appetite has been well… anyway. So I load a couple of Cassey’s Blogilates videos on Youtube. Got through most of it… maybe with slower reps and a few more breaks than she did in the video. But HEY, you gotta start somewhere right? Thought I did reasonably well and felt pretty good… until the next day.

SATURDAY: Woke up and took a little longer than planned to sit up in bed (my abs! I almost feel them! They’re there!) Then stayed in a half squat position for a little while more because my calves were so ridiculously sore (darn the ballet workout!). Made it to Paludan to meet Adrienne for food/study session. [If you’re in Copenhagen and don’t know/haven’t been to Paludan, I strongly suggest it. It’s a cozy little place with great food and books all over the walls… only downside is that it’s so popular finding seats is like the hunger games] The whole process was a pretty long struggle bus. Walk around and stare people down for seats. Find seats. But they’re bad seats. So we get up and change seats. Finally finish eating and take out books and laptop to do some work. Too cold and distracted by people walking on the streets. Pack things up and go back to Adrienne’s dorm. Sit on computer and read Thought Catalog and Upworthy until we had to leave for dinner.

SUNDAY: Finally found a church online and actually went. FIBC was a nice congregation of people, not to mention when I sat down and scanned the room, Nicole and Dan were sitting right across the aisle! What a coinkidink! It was cold and foggy, but look a swan! Wait, is that a swan? That’s a swan right?


Went to the flea market at the Studenthuset in the afternoon with Adrienne and found these cute little pants from TopShop for 50dkk… with the original tag still on them. What a steal! I feel ready to party with these babies on


Went to Tietgen, the coolest dorm in the world (no, I didn’t give it that title, it’s actually legit: Tietgenkollegiet ) for dinner with Nicole, Pearleen, Dan, and JJ. Soba and Korean bulgogi was DELISHHH thanks to Pearleen 🙂 Watched Amityville Horror, the prequel to The Conjouring… apparently it’s one of the scariest movie in the genre. Screaming was involved. A lot of it.

Went to the Studenthuset at 1am to watched The Oscars. Funny how people feel the need to be extra patriotic when they’re abroad… because I would never have made the effort to watch back in the States, and that was at a reasonable hour too. Finally gave up a little before 5am and left to go home. Metro is down for maintenance. Had to wait in the cold for the metro (struggle) bus. Harder than it sounds, really, especially at 5am in the morning. I think I got bronchitis, or pneumonia, or something… if anyone found a lung, please return. I think I coughed it up somewhere…. A huge sigh of relief along with one single tear of joy escaped my eyes as I approached the revolving doors of Field’s and it opened. SCORE!

TODAY: Throat feels horrible. Did laundry. Got groceries. Sipping on hot ginger/lemon/honey tea while writing this post…..


Cheers~! God bless.


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