The one where I just ramble…

There’s no wifi in the flat… despite the fact that we have TWO modems. Thanks Housing Foundation, thanks a lot. Why give us internet that’s not working when we already had perfectly good internet? Now your modem is messing with ours, so neither are working…. rude. The one good thing that has come out of all this is that we have no choice but to all sit around the living room and have an ethernet bonding party… Evelyn, Alex, and I. 🙂

Got a minor cold yesterday. Throat hurts. Hard to swallow. Had disgusting ramen for lunch. Don’t judge, at least I ate something. Then proceeded to opt out of showering and sleep all afternoon. Woke up and debated what to do about dinner… ended up eating an apple, an orange, and a banana. No shame, it was healthy. No pictures were taken because I inhaled it all. I CONQUERED them fruits! Do I feel a little pathetic? Slightly. Did I care? Can’t say that I did. But then Alex was a babe and made me dinner <3.

Watched 3 hours of The Bachelor with Evelyn… and can I just say, girls, JUST BECAUSE A MAN HAS A SEXY FACE AND HOT BOD DOESN’T MEAN ANYTHING! If he’s egocentric, loves himself more than he loves you, and only sticks to small talk about the weather and fun things instead of what really matters… ditch him and move on! We’re all strong, independent, beautiful women who don’t need no immature men! WE DESERVE REAL TRUE SISTAS~!

And while we’re talking about deserve, I must also say that we can’t just sit around and WAIT for everything to turn out perfectly… we would all be sitting around for a longggg time. Instead, we should be working on bettering for ourselves in anticipation of the “perfect life”. I watched a TED talk some time ago done by clinical psychologist Meg Jay called Why 30 is Not the New 20. Jay pointed out that while we all think in this day and age, we mature later, get married later, and LIFE starts later, but that’s ok because we also die later. So 30 is the new 20… it should be ok that we can all just YOLO and do whatever we feel like for 10 more years of our lives without serious repercussions. Apparently not. Our 20’s shouldn’t be a “developmental downtime”, instead it’s the PERFECT time, it’s our “developmental sweet spot”… it’s NOT something to waste my friends! What if your dream job shows up at 30, but you don’t have the credentials to be competitive for the position? What if your dream guy/girl shows up at 30, but you’re still bumming around in your sweats feeling lost and insecure about who you are? Our 20’s should be a time when we live our lives to the fullest, step out of our comfort zone and experience the world, build up your resume with all kinds of different jobs, stay open-minded, accept yourself for who you are and others for who they are, and be CONFIDENCE! Because this is the best time of your life. Prepare yourself for all the greatness that your 30’s will have to offer, by making yourself great… NOW!

Here’s the link to the talk:

Oh look, artsy back shot! Me, on bridge, by water… Photocred to my girl from Singapore, Nicole!


Good night and God bless~


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