A feeling of sophistication…

As promised, this post is the one where I go to school and take pictures of buildings while other students walking by stare at me… but can you blame me? The place is beautiful!

First off, KU has campuses spread all throughout the city. I’m lucky to have the Faulty of Social Sciences (Center for Sundhed og Samfund aka CSS) is in the central city campus of Copenhagen. As for the building itself… well this is what it looks like:



This beauty was built by Christian Hansen in the mid 1800’s as the Copenhagen Municipal Hospital. It was only taken over the by University of Copenhagen in 1999 when the hospital closed (courtesy of Wikipedia). Give me those uniforms and I’ll tell you I go to the Danish Hogwarts!

Now let’s move on to the modern architecture of Copenhagen! Last Saturday I went to see the German opera “The Flying Dutchman” by the brilliant Richard Wagner at the Copenhagen Opera House (commonly referred to as Operaen in Danish) thanks to the awesome Julius for the tickets!! We arrived early because Joo tipped us to a free cello/modern breakdance performance in the lobby, and boy was I glad we went! Here’s a little taste of it for you guys:


Needless to say, the opera itself was an amazing experience… from the cast’s singing, to the pit orchestra’s accompaniment, down to the neat stage directions! And now you know what I’m going to talk about… the architecture! [Disclaimer: I’m by no means an architect/engineer or anything… I really just like to look at pretty buildings ^^) Anyway… This is one of THE most expensive opera houses every built, so you KNOW it’s gonna be spectacular. It sits right beside the water, across from the main castle Amalienborg and the Marble Church. It seats about 1500 people, with a pit big enough for an orchestra of 110 people! That’s probably like THE DREAM for pit musicians… I mean I was in the pit orchestra for my high school musicals, and our pit had maybe 20 people? and the place was crammed!


From the lobby, it looks like a gigantic wooden apple, with entrance walkways plugged into it from every level… and OMG CUTE LITTLE CHANDELIERS!



The exterior design of the building was my favorite part, and the reflection of all the light on the water at night was beautiful! I stood as close to the edge as possible without falling into the freezing water, but I don’t think it really did the place justice… I tried though.


So I’m going to cheat a little this time (see the things I do for you guys?! ❤ )

Image Image

I had a great time, and I hope you had fun reading this as well. This is by far the most elaborate post I’m written yet (research and everything y’all, I’m on a roll!) I will try to make future posts interesting and educational too 😉 …well although maybe not next time because it’s probably going to be a little “day in the life” kind of thing (I think I’m giving previews of future posts partly because I want you to have something to look forward to, but mostly to keep myself in check… like I have to deliver now that I’ve said it haha).

As always, good night and God bless~


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