Settling down…

I’m back! and before you say something about me being lazy and procrastinating (which usually wouldn’t be too far off), I really didn’t forget about this! I was waiting because I thought I would maybe go to some of the more touristy landmarks of Copenhagen before writing/posting pictures again… BUT… that didn’t happen because I’ve been moving from hostel to dorm, and starting classes, etc. I have, however, taken quite a lot of pictures of everyday Copenhagen. So…. it’s piled up, and you’ll get a lot most pics in this post YAYYY! 


The Generator Hostel

This is the hostel where I stayed for 3 days. Looks colorful on the outside, and really cute on the inside as well. It was quite a big and social hostel, and this is the place where I first met a lot of people who go to Copenhagen University (KU from now on).


A couple days ago it snowed pretty much allllll day, and just so happens, that was the day a friend and I walked for a good hour (at least) in the cold doing errands and such. The cold was definitely more bearable because of the beautiful scenery in the snow! We saw crowds of tiny children walking on the street and we had no idea why until we passed by this park where they were all just sledding down the hills. *dramatic sigh* Only in Denmark do kids take snow days and teachers take them to the park… like WHAAAT?! I also only have one “back photo” this time because most of the time it was just me snapping pictures as I walk by myself…. *insert forever alone joke here*. 


My dorm: Signalhuset Kollegiet (the signal house!)

This is the outside of my dorm/apartment building. ISN’T IT PRETTY?! One thing I really really like about Copenhagen is the architecture. A lot of buildings are very well preserved from hundred of years ago, and the new buildings all look so unique, modern, and beautiful… it’s very breathtaking everywhere you go, but in two completely different ways. So here are some more pictures of this place in general 🙂


Central train station





Amazing sunset outside my apartment

Oh, and the Social Sciences department building where I have classes makes me feel like I go to Hogwarts!… all that’s missing are the uniforms. That will be for the next post… look forward to it! 😉

Good night, and God bless~


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