In case you didn’t know, I’m studying abroad for the semester at the Copenhagen University in Denmark. I arrived on Friday the 24th, my friend Julius picked me up from the airport and so starts my 6-month adventure in Europe!

cliche plane picture is mandatory

cliche plane picture is mandatory

Although the temperature was in the high 20s (Fahrenheit), the strong wind made it seem like 10 degrees colder… BRRR! Despite that, Julius took me for a walk in downtown Copenhagen around the central train station. And let me just say that becoming a popsicle was totally worth it (sorry I wasn’t thinking straight and didn’t take any pictures, but I will definitely go back again later and make up for it)! Next we took a 3-hour train ride out to the countryside of Esbjerg (don’t ask me to pronounce anything) and the next day we set off for a tour of towns nearby. (JETLAG JETLAG JETLAG). Much like the day before, strong wind and cold temperature was torture, but this is something I will have to get use to for the next month of so.

We drove to Hojer, where we saw the vacation castles of the royal family of Denmark… it was quiet and cute little place, but such a pity that we couldn’t squeeze between the bars of the gate to go inside. So instead here is a picture of the old cobblestone street lined with adorable shops.

Holger I think I will have a series of pictures of my back because… well I don’t know, why not? 🙂

The favorite place of the day was definitely Tonder, a little town in southern Denmark with historical architecture lining the streets that makes it seem like the famous author, Hans Christian Anderson wrote his stories there. I grew up reading Anderson’s stories translated into Chinese with illustrations. Going to Tonder was almost as if I jumped straight into one of my childhood picture books!

street of Tonder

street of Tonder

street of Tonder

street of Tonder

view of Tonder from the top of the water tower

view of Tonder from the top of the water tower

Well this has been fun…. I hope I will be able to keep up with this blog during my trips to other countries. It will probably help if you guys will bug me about it once a while as a reminder if you want to see more 😉

I miss you all back home very much. For now, this is all… Good night, and God bless~


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